How does Finalisation and Roll-over work?

Jobs are transferred to PDF on Roll-over, where they may be printed if required or saved to storage. Major set-up work done in Year 1 is maintained for bringing forward and editing as required, saving considerable time in subsequent years work.

  • At any stage of audit work individual pages may be printed or the whole work-book may be sent to a PDF file that may be downloaded as a snap-shot backup
  • On completion only a Partner may authorise the final sign-off
  • This sign-off creates a PDF file that includes all attachments
  • This then becomes the final soft-copy of the entire audit work-book (assuming all third-party documents have been added as attachments)
  • A copy of this file is stored on the system for later access, and we recommend users also keep their own copy
  • The completed file may then be rolled over - removing Conclusions and moving current to prior year in the Trial Balance
  • The workbook structure is retained and all work done in the prior year including selected attachments is retained - able to be brought forward and reused as required
  • Any work brought forward will be re-assigned to the person who updates it and re-dated



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