Q. What exactly gets rolled over at year end?


A. On rollover a PDF of the entire file including attachments is created. You should then download and save this onto your own directory.

In addition:

  • The client status on the main page is updated to the new year.
  • The current column 'final' figures are moved to 'prior' which also updates all the lead schedules but sub-totals and mapping to lead-schedules are retained.
  • The page structure is retained.
  • All work including attachments and comments is moved into greyed-out 'prior year' areas which may then be brought forward as per below, then edited as required.
  • The name and date of the staff member doing the work is updated on bring-forward.
  • If these prior year boxes are simply ignored they will disappear on conclusion.
  • Transaction tests are deleted but data tables and tests set up in the prior year are retained to be brought forward and re-adopted as required. 

Bring forward.png

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