Can I roll back to an earlier point in a job?

A job may be rolled back - say if a page has been accidentally deleted. This includes the ability to roll back prior to annual rollover.

From the drop-down box next to the client name is a new item 'Duplicate/Restore'. Selecting this gives you the choice of duplicating the current job or an earlier version of that job. The duplication may include just the structure (the old 'duplicate structure' command) or any combination of trial balance data, comments, attachments and other work items, year ending and deadline or may also include permanent file information (prior year PDF's) and history (to enable the duplicate to also be restored to earlier versions if required).

Remember you will have two copies of the job, so once you have decided which you will use you will need to delete one. If you use the one marked (copy) this will need to be renamed.

Screen_Shot_2013-11-28_at_11.47.00_am.pngRestore points are created every night if there have been changes made during the day, plus on rollover, when pages are deleted, when attachments are deleted, when trial balances are loaded and any other significant events (the snapshot is taken prior to the event). These 'snapsots' have been collected since July 2011, however deleted attachments have only been saved since 2 Feb 2012. Deleted attachments will be kept for 12 months then discarded, so in practice complete backup restores including deleted attachments will go back 12 months from the restore date but not prior to 2 Feb 2012.

Also see Duplicate and Restore Function 

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