How do I share pages with third parties (e.g. Internal Control Checklists)?

Go to the page you want to share and click on the word ‘share’ in the bottom right corner. 

  1. You then get a dialog where you may put in the name and email address of the person you want to have access. You may also add a message which is included in the email to them along with a link (a 'token') to access that page - they become like a very limited temporary user.
  2. Following the link they may then add comments, follow-ups and attachments (for example they could upload a copy of their procedures manual or amendments to their trust deed) and there is a message at the top of the page that it is shared.
  3. They can only access that one page - nothing else in the workbook.
  4. They may come and go out of the page for as long as you have it shared.
  5. Once their work is complete you simply delete the 'shared with...' message at the top of the page and their access is terminated.
  6. Or once the page is concluded they will no longer be able to edit.
  7. If they do not get the email (spam filters sometimes pick up this kind of automatically generated email) then 'edit' the share comment to open the copy and paste the 'token' link shown there into a standard email to the client .

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