Setting up and managing users


Users can be managed via the "Users" tab in the sidebar as shown in the bellow screenshot.

Only select admin users (account owner and user admins) may create and delete users, however, all users can edit there own details.


Creating and Editing

  • A user may then change their own details (contact detailspassword and user name), using their own user tab
  • If a user forgets their password or login details, an admin user may reset these for them
  • The admin users may have extra permission such as:
    • Changing roles
    • Suspending
    • Assigning other users admins



There are various roles that can be assigned to users in Audit Assistant. Each role has different permissions as listed bellow 

Deleting Users

Only the account owner or those given permission as above may delete users:

  • To delete edit the user from the users tab and select the delete button at the bottom right
  • It is good practice to review suspend users before deleting

Suspended Users

  • If a user is deleted, work that they have done will have no user name assigned. So we recommend suspending the users until all there work is rolled over.
  • To suspend a user, you simply change there role to "Suspend User". They will no longer have access to Audit Assistant, but they will still be on the account.

See Client creation and deletion

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