Adding digital attachments

Attachments may be added to any work item:

  • Including PDF's, scanned documents, digital photographs, audio files, Word and Excel documents etc.
  • Attachments may be uploaded by client/third party via shared pages
  • Attachments added on one part of workbook may be dragged and dropped to different parts to create hyperlinked cross-accessible references
  • Direct upload of photos and scans from Smartphones
  • Attachments are included in PDF of completed job
  • A display name may be chosen that is different to the default file name.
  • Click on the link to open in the appropriate application
  • Links to outside documents (say in Google Docs) may be added






 Drag & Drop attachments

  • Any item on a workpaper can have attachments added to them.
  • An alternative method to add attachments is by dragging a file onto an item.
  • This method can also be used to attach multiple attachments 
  • See video for example

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