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Our main clients are Chartered Accountants who perform assurance and compliance engagements for a large range of clients including schools, charities of all sizes, small to listed public companies, and trust accounts for real estate agents, PTEs and Body-Corps.

We are also diversifying into related products for Chartered Accountants (financial reporting checklists, AML compliance tools, year end data gathering tools), and AML auditors (cloud based work-papers). 

Our goal is to create secure, up to date and efficient compliance and review systems with great professional customer service. We have a proven history of looking after client data, fast resolution of issues and maximum up-time.

We are a New Zealand based company focussed initially on the local market but we also service clients in Australia and the Pacific Islands. We partner with reputable providers and consultants to provide the best quality service for the demanding world of assurance services, supporting the NZ economy by using local experts and services (utilising additional offshore backup being the main exception).


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