Pricing Model


Utilising Software as a Service/Cloud delivery we are able to provide a very economical platform for your work - you pay for exactly what you need in a very transparent pricing model.

  • Our goal is to provide accessibility for all sized firms - we particularly support helping small firms to maintain an effective audit function but also service many larger firms
  • A base rate of $95.00 per month is charged which covers 20 Audit/Review/Compliance/AUP jobs; over that level cost is $4.75 per job per month regardless of size or type 
  • Jobs that include IFRS/PBE checklists are part of our "premium content" and cost a base rate of $6.75/job/month.
  • Other job type/services as per sign-up page or contact us
  • Monthly subscription payments may be made by direct debit, credit card, or bank transfer (within NZ our preference is direct debit - we allow a 3% discount)
  • A full list of jobs and costs is available with monthly invoices allowing disbursement directly to the job if required
  • No fixed term contract
  • All data remains the property of your firm and may downloaded in PDF format at any stage
  • Plan allows unlimited users 
  • We are happy to provide access for demonstration purposes on request, in many cases we can arrange an in-house demonstration - contact us to arrange.
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