Online Review

Real-time Partner or Manager Review is possible anywhere there is internet access, across the office, across town or across the world

  • Partners and managers may review files concurrently with work being done - no need to wait for completion or for files to arrive
  • Reviewers may add review notes to any item on any page and these are all tracked in one place
  • There is also a one-click Review 'stamp' indicating a final page sign-off
  • Index shows pages reviewed allowing a reviewer fast access to un-reviewed work
  • Review Notes and Follow-ups must be addressed before a page may be finally concluded
  • Review notes do not print out as part of the final work-book
  • May also sign up online peer-reviewer (restricted to specific job and adding review notes only)
  • Practice Review may be also be carried out using Peer Reviewer function, or just emailing completed PDF to reviewer as all attachments are included



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