Q. Who is responsible for file backup and what do these backups contain?


A. When a job is in process all backups are done by ourselves and our partners. Once a job is completed and rolled over a PDF file is created. This should be backed up onto your system.

We keep backups and snapshots for rolling back files for at least three years in our system, but you should not be relying on these as your audit file. You need to also back up onto your own system to comply with the requirement to keep for at least 7 years. These rolled over PDF's contain all attachments - everything that you have uploaded so nothing needs to be accessed from the internet to have your complete audit file. 

Our database is hosted by Sitehost in Auckland, and in addition to their backup procedures we take a daily snapshot of the database and back it up to data storage facility Cloud Scale in Auckland. We also store attachments on S3. We also take snapshots of all data each night and whenever a page is deleted, a job rolled over or a trial balance is loaded to create restore points in case rolling back a job is required. The software itself is backed up on another service provider Github.

To see our backup and security policies view our licence agreement.

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