Changing job types

Job types may be swapped at any stage (say if you decide to use the Tier 3 PBE audit template rather than the base audit template) by editing the job and selecting the alternative. 

On the client view page click the edit pencil (highlighted in yellow below) next to the client name you wish to update. 


The following will appear:

Highlight the job type you wish to change to and save (You may also change client name, deadline, balance date if you wish).

Check out our video tutorial for changing job types

In swapping from the Base version to another all the relevant detail already in the job will be retained and extra workpapers will be added for the new job type. This may therefore be done while the job is in progress (no need to wait until after rollover). 

If swapping back to the Base version from another job type or swapping between other job types there may be some information loss if there is no corresponding workpaper in the new job type - but this is normally not a problem. 

If you swap job types and are not happy with the result you may use the Duplicate and Restore Function to roll back to the old version. 

Swapping to a different class of job

If you wish to swap a job to a different class - say from a Review Engagement to an Historical Financial Audit or from a Compliance Audit to Historical Financial Audit - the process is different.

Check out our video tutorial for changing classes of jobs

In this case there is a considerable difference between the templates and most of the pages will be different, so it is recommended you wait until the job has been rolled over before doing this. 

The Duplicate and Restore Function to create a new version of the job in the new job type as follows:

In this case we are swapping from a job that was a Base Audit to a Tier 3 Review. 

Using this method will duplicate the job, so once you are happy with the transition you will need to delete the original. So long as you retain the Permanent File (prior year PDF's) you will also carry forward the prior year files created under the old template. 

Note: Swapping between classes of jobs like this all the TB detail is carried over and some of the basic information, but obviously as there is considerable differences between these job types much of the data will be discarded in transition.  

See also Client Creation

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