We have changed our firm name - how do we update details in Audit Assistant?

There are several aspects to consider:

  • Name of firm: the account owner can change this yourself from the "Account and Billing" tab, "Edit Account Details" and change in the "Firm name" box (or we can do this for you while we are changing the URL if you wish)
  • Email addresses: the account owner may also change yourself from the "Users" tab (or each user may change their own emails from their "My Info" tab)
  • Firm URL: this is something that must be changed from our end - and we suggest that all users be logged out at that point and they will need to change all their bookmarks to the new URL
  • Shared pages: one complication with changing URL is that links provided to clients for shared pages will no longer work - so any pages that are open for shares will need to be reshared


See also Sign-up, Billing and Service Levels

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