What is the best way to share a file for an external review?

If you have completed a job in paperless format and it requires review (say for Practice Review) and it is rolled over - the best way is to send them a copy of the final PDF. The PDF includes all attachments (linked but stitched into the file) so emailing or copying it to a CD or USB stick will include the attachments.

For reviews of jobs not yet completed and still to be rolled over it is best to set up the reviewer as a user with "Peer Reviewer" status and add them to the user list for the job you wish to share. Then they may add review notes.

A peer reviewer is set up just like setting up any other user, but they have limited access - only to jobs you specifically assign them to.

  • Add them to the list of users by opening the users page from the sidebar on the home page


  • Add their name, email, and assign them a password and ensure that they are given Peer Reviewer status


  • Save, this peer-reviewer user may now be assigned to specific jobs
  • To do this, go to the job you wish them to review and edit the assigned users to add them to the job

Screen_Shot_2014-03-27_at_1.03.20_pm.png                     Screen_Shot_2014-03-27_at_1.04.28_pm.png               Screen_Shot_2014-03-27_at_1.12.17_pm.png

  • Then give them (by email say) your firm URL (e.g. https://demo.auditassistant.com/), their username and password so that they may log in - they will only see the jobs that they have been assigned to



  • You may also like to suggest that they change their password once they are logged in from the "Users" tab - they can see all users but only edit their own details
  • Once they click on the client that they are reviewing they are able to navigate as any other user would and add review notes which will be tagged with their name

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