Client Creation and Deletion


On the clients page there is an option create a New Client. Click this button to start creating a new client.mceclip0.png

An editor will appear where you should enter the client name, choose a job type and year end date.

To find the correct template, it may help to filter them from the list of available ones.  This can be done with searching and filtering down to a category.  When searching, it will look for any templates to have a matching name or description to the search input.


Job may also be created by duplicating another job (see duplicate and restore function)

Edit and delete

To edit or delete a job click the little pencil icon as shown bellow.

From here you are able to change the name, year end dates or even template. After making changes remember to click the save button on the bottom left of the editor. To delete the client, click the button to the bottom right. 



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