Adding a follow up

A follow up is a quick way to create a bookmark of something the auditor wishes to highlight for further attention:  


  • Does not form part of the final audit file, but ensures easy method of tagging unfinished items for follow up
  • Entered from follow up tab accessed from drop-down on right side of work items
  • All follow up items are listed under follow up box in the sidebar: AA1.png
  • Other people may answer - the box changes colour when someone else comments to indicate a response
  • Or user may answer their own follow up – or simply tick as completed when addressed
  • Follow ups show greyed-out once ticked as completed - they disappear altogether once page is concluded so ensure all detail addressing the issue is entered on page (not in the follow up itself)
  • Page cannot be completed until follow ups are cleared (unless the follow up has been created on conclusion box)
  • Follow ups may be created on a conclusion box after it has been concluded if necessary - so that the job may continue without un-concluding (for non-essential items) – also see review notes


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