How do I mark sections for staff to complete?

While there is no specific tool to do this, the "Key Issues" option may be used as follows to assign parts of the file to a particular staff member. As follows:

  1. First create the lead schedules of the section you wish to allocate. A quick way is to use the show all pages link at the bottom right of the index page then flow the link back from those pages to the page from where they are added.
  2. From say the staffing or audit planning pages select "Key Issues" from the new item dropdown, add the information regarding who is to complete the section then select the lead schedule section:
  3. This will send the Key Issue to the top of a lead schedule as a way of tagging that section:
  4. Also note that Key Issues are by default tagged as Risks to follow up (yellow star)  so if you are using for assigning pages you will need to un-star the Key Issue to remove it from the Risks area.
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