Tier 4 PBE Simple Format Reporting Tool

The difficulty with Tier 4 reporting is that it is on a cash basis but required narrative descriptions of resources and commitments and service performance. This tool provides the means to create a complete Tier 4 PBE report.

  • The tool is an Audit Assistant style work-book that can be used by an accountant or their client to enter data for the Performance Report - Entity Information, Statement of Service Performance, Statement of Receipts and Payments, Statement of Resources and Commitments and Notes to the Performance Report
  • Example of Index:

  • Instead of a normal Trial Balance the user enters in their Receipts and Payments summary for the year, with help to classify into the correct sections for the report
  • This TB data may be entered manually or imported from a spreadsheet. Items in the TB may be grouped using the subtotal tool to show these subtotals in the report rather than the full R & P TB detail
  • There are also pages that ask all the other questions required and these are entered into simple fields and tables
  • At the end a complete PDF version of Tier 4 compliant reports are produced with a minimum of fuss to be submitted for audit, review, and/or submission to Charities Services
  • Extract from notes to performance report below:

This tool is included in the Accountants Tools package, and in the Audit package. 

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