File Review Service


Our file review service helps users identify areas where they could be using Audit Assistant more efficiently. This service also helps smaller firms meet their quality control requirements.

A file review usually takes 2-4 hours depending on complexity.At the end of the process we produce a written report detailing:

  • Feedback and recommendations for improvement, pointing out features the firm may not be aware of,  providing links to notes and suggesting further training options
  • The internal logic of the work in terms of how well the approach adopted supports the opinion
  • How the audit work complies with the auditing standards and general auditing principles
  • Tips for improving your audit work as a whole.

Note that while this is helpful for training and routine quality control, we are not “qualified auditors” and where practice reviewers specifically requires a member to have an independent review due to quality issues they may specify that it is by a “qualified auditor”.

We charge for this work at an hourly rate. We provide turnaround of under two weeks to do these jobs. 

Some feedback from a recently reviewed firm: "Thanks Clive, very useful and practical feedback. I'll ensure we apply your recommendations to all jobs (as applicable) going forward."

Please contact us if you would like to find out more.

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