IFRS checklists (Tier 1 and 2 for profit entities) now completed

There is now a stand-alone version called NZ IFRS Requirements Checklist (2019) - under the Financial Reporting Checklists section. 

There is also a new audit template which contains these checklists called NZ IFRS Audits - For Profit Entities (2019). You may update your current Tier 1 and 2 audit files to the new template with minimal disruption.
We are currently working on our packages so that we can make the stand-alone version available to non-audit firms without the audit templates. We will also be updating prices for the larger audit packages as this content is licensed to the IFRS foundation so we need to recover the cost of the license fee and the considerable amount of work in creating these checklists.

The next part of this work is making a similar checklist for PBE jobs. We have secured permission from the XRB to do this, and have made a start on the work.

To check out the tool in action and to get a full idea of features and content watch a four minute video here.

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