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Training in Christchurch and Auckland

For new users or to update existing users, we have the following sessions coming up:

  • Christchurch - Wednesday 11th March, (9:30am - 2:30pm). Cost is $200 plus GST per person. Venue is PKF Goldsmith Fox, 100 Moorehouse Avenue.
  • Auckland on Tuesday 7th April. Venue still to be determined.
  • Events qualify for 4.5 CPD hours.
  • Please contact us to book a place at either event.

"Got to be the best training I have done." (Feedback from our recent training in Wellington).


New classified listings page

Following up on our article here about ways we can help grow your audit practice, by popular demand we have now started a classified listings page. Here we list job opportunities, blocks of fees, peer reviewers and mentors wanted. We will tidy this page up when our new website is complete. in the meantime take a look and see if there is anything helpful for you there - or submit your own listing. This is a free service for our users.


New service plans

The new plans will be activated in March for most firms. We hope you enjoy the new possibilities. If you have not yet heard from us it means we are still working on the best fit for you. 


Recent questions and updates

  • How do I create a Cumulative Monetary Sample in Audit Assistant? We have developed a tool in Excel that enables a dataset (say a client ledger) to be uploaded and the interval and starting point to be added, with the resulting sample being able to be imported into an Audit Assistant testing table. Read about it and view the demonstration video here.
  • Can you build a time/cost tool in Audit Assistant? We are considering building something for budgeting/timesheets to give a dynamic way of assigning staff to jobs and tracking work progress. We will only do this if there is sufficient demand. Would this be useful? If you have a tool that already does this let us know so we can recommend to others. Please tell us what you think.
  • We have updated management letter points in our Review Engagements to work as in Audit templates. Points created during the work may be edited and posted directly into the letter (note that if you have brought a letter forward from a prior year this will need to be deleted and recreated to see the new version).
  • We are presently updating our PDF creation system - this should be live in the next few days. This will streamline the creation of the final rolled-over job for archiving by adding all attachments into a zip file, plus iron out a lot of bugs in document creation. See export options and annual rollover for details of how this works..


Best regards,

The Audit Assistant Team

Photograph at top - Petone Foreshore - February 2020

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