Account and Billing

Account and Billing

The account owner can manage firm details, security settings, graphics, billing and invoices from the account and billing page. This is accessed from the sidebar as shown below. After clicking the link in the sidebar, the account details and various tabs will be displayed.


Account and Plan updates

The account details and plans can be updated from any tab. To do this, simply click the appropriate buttons on the top right of the screenshot above.

Check out our pricing and signup page for details on what is available on each plan. Contact us if you are looking to do school audits.

The Edit Details button will display an editor where many account details can be updated. 


Remember to save after making changes you wish.

Changing the Firm URL must be done at our end. Changing URLs will also mean links provided to clients for shared pages will no longer work - so any pages that are open for shares will need to be reshared


The billing tab has options to set up automatic direct debit or credit card payments. Manual payments into the bank account or one off card payments are also available. Details on each payment method are listed below.



Invoices tab shows all previous invoices. For a more current invoice preview, there is a link to the "Client Cost Report" on the bottom right of the page. Clicking that link will navigate to a "client cost report" page. An example of the page is shown below.




Security options can be updated in from the security tab. The changes are made in real-time (no save button). Click here for more details.


Custom firm graphics are set by simply uploading the appropriate graphic from in the graphics tab. The changes become saved as you make them.

To replace a logo/letterhead, click the "x" button on the top right of each uploaded image. This will clear the image and let a new one to be uploaded. 


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