Customer Testimonials

  • "Being able to rely on AA for staying current with amendments to standards is great as a belts and braces approach to keeping up to date" - Graeme Scarlett / Independent Auditors Limited
  • "You get up to saving maybe about a third or half of your time" - James Murray / Associated Business Advisors
  • "It compares favourably with the audit software that I used in one of the Big Four firms" - Catriona Cory / Hounsell Accountants
  • "If you’ve got an audit background there’s not much training that you need" - Judi Jones / JSA Audit
  • "Absolutely love your product! Thank you for creating a platform that facilitates a robust audit assurance process!" - Laura Addinall / LACA Limited

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Why use Audit Assistant

Audit Assistant is a service that provides an Audit, Compliance, Compilation and Review Engagement documentation system. All of our content is kept up-to-date with New Zealand and Australian standards and translates well into SME Audit work anywhere in the world where International Auditing Standards apply.

Audit Assistant not only makes the auditing process streamlined and easy for auditors but for all parties involved. If this sounds right for you, check out our available packages and customer testimonials.

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