Year-end Client Data Collection Tool



Gather client data in faster and in a format that you can easily use - for less than the cost of a postage stamp!

  • Replace your current mail-out with a slick, secure method of data gathering
  • Includes checklists for Business, Farming and Investment, rental and other income (for directors, partners etc)
  • May be customised individually or for the whole firm
  • Shared for online data collection, with the account receiving an automatic email once the client has completed the checklist
  • Tables are included for adding say, lists of fixed asset additions or livestock details
  • Client may upload any type of attachment (Excel, Word, PDF etc), or link to files in their Google Drive or similar repository
  • Sharing and setting up jobs may be done on a client by client basis, and we can also provide custom add-ins for bulk client loading and sharing of pages
  • May be accessed either in stand-alone format or as part of the compilation tool
  • A simple and cost effective way to gather client data and interact digitally with your client and staff members.

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