Profit calculation in Trial Balance

For some time users have requested we make some way of calculating Profit/Loss and adding to the Equity section. This has now been done.

For new trial balances this line will be automatically added to the V (Equity) section of the Trial Balance:


This will sum the Income, Expenditure and Payroll sections (G,H & I) once loaded and any changes will dynamically update the total. The Equity balance will show opening Equity and any other items from the Trial Balance, and the calculated balance.  The calculated profit/loss is excluded from the Check Total at the bottom of the TB.


The Equity Lead Schedule shows a calculated closing equity figure:


For jobs in progress we provide the option to add the line or leave as is:


Click the icon to add the line. There is also an option to delete the line as with other kinds of sub-total calculations. 

Also see Trial Balance sorting and sub-totals.

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