Sharing pages with third parties


To create a new share, go to the page you want to share and click on the word ‘share’ in the bottom right corner.


A share dialog that looks like the screenshot bellow will appear


Completing the form and clicking share will generate a shared link. The link can be sent to a user and they will have access to the page but no other page.

Extra details

  • Names and email addresses of contacts already set up will be available as auto-completes
  • The checkbox labeled Automatically send this link to user is unchecked by default. When ticked the textbox under then heading "message" appears.
  • If the box is checked, when the share is saved, the link will be automatically sent to the email entered above.
    • This method could have potential issues depending on the email software the recipient uses but should be fine for most cases.
  • If the box is unchecked, when the share is save the link will pop up in another dialog making it easy to copy and paste to share with the user.
  • Uncheck any section names under the heading shared sections to not show them to the user using that shared link
  • A good use of our feature to customise individual workpapers is to personalize shares on a client by client basis.

Shared view

shared_view1.png shared_view2.png


  • When a shared link is opened for the first time on a browser, the user will see a dialog where they can confirm their details
  • They will then see the shared page and be able to complete all work on it.
  • The shared user does not see the sidebars, cannot conclude pages and will not be able to navigate to other pages
  • They will be given basic instructions at the top of the page
  • The user has two buttons at the bottom of the page. One to quit, and the other to "mark as completed"
  • If the "mark as completed" button is clicked, the shared link will no longer work and the user who shared the page will be sent an email saying it has been completed
  • Additionally, the workbook will update the sidebar and shared item to show it has been completed


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