Customising Individual Workpapers

Individual workpapers on a job may be customised. Customising is limited to "standard" users and above (limited users, peer reviewers and clients viewing shared pages cannot access).

The most obvious applications are for items that are not applicable on shared pages to be hidden to reduce the amount that the client has to complete, or to add an additional step to a page for some specific question that applies to this client alone.


  • Click the link at the bottom right of the page to begin:
  • The link will take you to one of two pages:
    • If you haven't started customising the page before, there will be a help box at the top of the page which details what you are able to do on a custom page and a button saying "Start Customisation" 
    • If you have started customising the page before, you will be greeted with instructions on how to customise the page as shown below
  • If a heading or work-item is hidden, all sub items below it will also be hidden and all customising controls will be hidden.
    • As seen in the screenshot below, 3.7 has the Hide and Customise buttons below it.
    • Since 3.8 has been hidden, the sub-item below it (in faint blue) doesn't have any controls like 3.7
  • Changes that have been made from the original are highlighted with the red arrow (screenshot below)
  • When the Customise button has been clicked, the item becomes more clear different controls appear (Screenshot below):
    • 3.5 has not been customised (so it is shown as faint and has the hide/customise controls)
    • On 3.6, the customise button has been clicked so it is no longer faint and has an edit/drag controls. 
  • Any changes made to workpapers this way are implemented in the page immediately.

Other Notes 


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