Customising a document for your firm

You may edit documents on a job-by-job basis, but if you wish to change a letter say, so that all jobs of that job type can use a custom letter, then follow the steps below. For the example we will add an additional paragraph to an engagement letter.

  1. Go to your "templates" tab, and click on the job type which contains the document you wish to customise.
  2. Click the "customise" icon.

  3. Name your new template - in this case we will just use the default "Base Audit (custom)" change any other details you wish and save. Note - this duplicates the template you are customising rather than replaces it.

  4. Open that template. It will look something like the screenshot below. All the pages will inherit from the original unless you customise them so your custom template will still receive updates from us. 

  5. At the top click on the "Documents" tab. Find the document you wish to customise and click to open it. Say we wish to customise the Audit Planning Letter.          
  6. At the bottom of the document click the "duplicate" button. 
  7. Rename if you wish and save.
  8. Click on down arrow to insert section. Add detail you wish and when complete publish changes (you may also edit or delete existing paragraphs, copy and paste variable links to insert these into different parts of the document (e.g. client name, year-end date) and change the order of sections - note you may have renumber paragraphs if you are changing order or adding or deleting numbered areas).
  9. Once you have published the document, you now need to make it default into your template. In this case (Base Audit) the audit planning letter comes up on page A1, point 3.6. So from the "masters" tab select page A1, click "customise" and scroll down to 3.6. All items will appear "dull" until you click the down arrow next to the item to customise that point.
  10. Click the down arrow next to the document area then the "Edit/Delete" icon. 
  11. Clicking on the document link will now allow you to see other options, including your custom version of the page.
  12. Select the customised document you wish to use and save. This will now be the default for this job type.
  13. At the top of the page click "publish changes" - back on the "masters" index tab you will see page A1 is white background (not shaded) indicating that it is a customised, published page. The template containing the custom document will now be selectable for new jobs or may be swapped out on existing jobs already in process.
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