Annual rollover

At the completion of work (after signing off A1 page) an annual rollover dialog box appears in the sidebar:


  • Click rollover and generate PDF to start a new year afresh with conclusions deleted and current year data moved to prior
  • The client will be locked while the rollover is completed - usually no more than a couple of minutes at most – other jobs may be opened while this is happening
  • Rollover should be carried out as soon as possible after job is completed - preferably at about the same time the A1 page is finalised and the audit report is signed, but an audit job must be finalised within 60 days of sign off (60 days allows time for tidying up file, completing management letter etc.)
  • The rollover produces a PDF version of the completed year, a copy is kept at the bottom of the sidebar: 


  • Attachments are stitched into PDF file – if printing is required attachments they must be printed separately using the appropriate program (Word, Excel) - click on the links and the attachment will open
  • As a reminder the deadline on the client page then starts to counts down to 60 day deadline to finalise file
  • Rolled over job includes all comments and attachments as prior year (greyed out)
  • In new year attachments, comments, risks are all able to be brought forward by clicking the green bring-forward arrow: AA1.png
  • After bringing comments forward they may be edited – the user name and date will be updated
  • Bring-forward arrows may be ignored – they do not need to be deleted as on conclusion of the page they will be removed anyway
  • Trial balance is moved from current to prior - section classifications and sub-totals are maintained
  • New year trial balance may now be imported (see trial balance import)

TIP: it is critical that a copy of this file also be saved to the auditors backup system – right click on link and download



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