Adding review notes and review stamps

Review Stamps:

Once a page is concluded a reviewer may add a review stamp (AA1.png):


"Reviewed by" then appears at bottom of page:


Also appears in index:


The name of the latest reviewer appears along with a colour indicating their user role. A manager is highlighted blue, and partner green, and a peer reviewer yellow.

Review stamps on attachments, testing tables and documents:

Pages that do not have normal conclusion boxes may also be marked as reviewed. For instance a testing page. Add review stamp by selecting red tick at right:


It will appear like this:


If pages are subsequently made to the reviewed page the review stamp will be marked as crossed out and highlighted indicating it should be looked at again:


On the index page these attachments, testing pages and documents created off the system are then shown marked as reviewed:


Review Notes:

Creating a review note is very much like creating a follow up, but in this case a reviewer creates them:


  • The reviewer is a user (manager, partner or peer reviewer) who is assigned to the job and logged in - but another staff member (standard or limited user) may reply
  • Reviewing may take place concurrently with work being performed as it is done online and from any location where there is internet access – any number of users may be concurrently working on a job in real time
  • May be added to any line item before a page is concluded and may be added to conclusion on pages already concluded
  • Once addressed they may be ticked as completed – this changes note to crossed out and greyed out
  • Once page is concluded review notes within the body of the page disappear so ensure all detail addressing the issue is entered on page - review notes do not form part of the final audit file
  • Page cannot be concluded until reviews in body of page are cleared
  • May be created post-conclusion if necessary - so that the job may continue (non-essential items such as training-related instructions)
  • Review notes are listed in the side bar which also displays how many review notes are incomplete: 


Note: There is an option is security settings (Restrict Review) to specify that the same person who concludes the page may not also review it. This is optional as some firms find it more efficient that a reviewer be able to unconclude, make a change, reconclude and mark as reviewed. 


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