Jobs flagged for updating to newer versions


Often we make minor improvements and corrections to templates, and there is no need for the user to do anything - most times they are unaware (note: concluded pages are frozen in the state at which they are concluded so there is no danger of changes). 

Sometimes when changes are more substantial or involve removing content or changing how pages are configured together, we have to release a new version. This can also occur when we create more detailed templates and there becomes a choice of two or more when there was previously only one option. 

When a job shows the message in the red bar above, clicking on the bar will reveal the following dialog box:


In this instance the dialog is showing two upgrade options. The description indicates what the options are and why they apply. If it is not clear there will be more detail on the support site, or contact us for clarification. Either:

  • Select the most appropriate and then click "Upgrade Now" or;
  • Select "Remind me after rollover" or;
  • Click cancel.

Sometimes it may be more appropriate to complete the job in the current template, in other cases it will be helpful to upgrade immediately.  In most cases most of the content transfers over on upgrade. 

If "Remind me after rollover" is selected the red warning message will disappear until rollover has been done. 

Job types may still be changed manually at any stage, and jobs may be reverted if necessary.

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