Preliminary assessment of governance issues

The page Audit Acceptance and Continuance links to an optional sub-page entitled Governance Checklist

The work item says:

As a way to assess the client to provide information for making a decision regarding acceptance or continuance, and as a planning tool to help with identification of potential risk areas at the start of the audit process, you may use a Governance Checklist to obtain pertinent information (a page to be shared with and completed by those charged with governance of the entity). Do you wish to create this checklist?

This page helps us to make a preliminary assessment, from the perspective of governance, of what the relevant issues may be. There are general questions about Going Concern, Litigation, Fraud, Related Parties etc. See extract:


When a response requires an explanation a comment box pops up to prompt this.

There is of course some overlap with other work-papers and checklists. The Items Required for Audit page includes more specific around some of these issues but is normally prepared by someone other than governance, so this gives a good opportunity to compare perspectives.

There are also more formal Fraud Risk Assessment - Governance page in the D section which covers the fraud issues specifically. If the auditor is confident that this has been sufficiently covered in the Governance Checklist it may perhaps be cross-referenced to that work rather than being addressed again. This is an issue of auditor judgement.



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