Creating debtors circularisation letters

Positive confirmation debtors circularisation letters may be created as follows:

  • Page R1 question 2.1 asks whether planning requires us to circularise debtors. A positive response will open page R2:


  • On R2 select the procedures that are to be applied to each letter:


  • State sample size and reason for sample size, then (point 2.2) create table of sample:


  • Rows may be added manually or an Excel/CSV table may be added using the same range of columns (no headings, just the same column sequence as the AA Debtors sample table):


  • The table gives a running total of the value of all the sampled balances
  • The sequence in the table may be changed by dragging the item by the pencil icon
  • Clicking the pencil icon opens the line for editing
  • Tests are completed once the next step has been done - creating the letters themselves
  • Return to R2 and click item 2.3 - Create letters to send to debtors:


  • On instruction dialog click "add". Name of page may be amended here, if say you wish to specify a certain type of debtor:


Create the client letters:

  • System uses the contact details for the person in your firm to be handling client contact (may need to go back and edit if say, their phone number is not included in their profile)
  • All the details should appear in the standard form letter that repeats for each of the debtors in the table created:


  • The form of the letter may be edited from the edit icon at the bottom right (but note that this will edit the text for all the letters).
  • If specific text to be added to say just one debtor letter will need to copy and paste to Word say to do this (using paste special)
  • If font must be changed also will need to copy and paste to Word
  • Otherwise print using your browser's print (ctrl+P) function, select custom margins and adjust to letterhead as required, then print and mail (Illustration is using Google Chrome):


As letters are received they may be ticked off from the "pending tests" area, comments and discrepancies noted:


  • Letters may be scanned and attached to the table if required, or additional comments added by clicking the down-arrow box at the bottom right of the testing line:


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