Adding a comment

Comment boxes are utilised where text-based answers are required. With multi-choice or yes/no answers narrative may also be added through adding optional comments:

  • Comments may be added to default comment boxes or extra comment boxes may be accessed from the drop-down arrow at end of each work-item – in the example below instead of answering Yes or No the drop-down box is selected to reveal space for a commentAA1.png
  • To enter n/a in a comment box click the (AA1.png) icon on right (also enter n/a using the esc key on any comment box)
  • To make a paragraph within a comment box or a conclusion use shift+enter
  • When completing a series of comment boxes use enter key after completing comment to save and move to the next comment box
  • May add multiple comments to work items by reselecting drop-down box
  • Text may be drag and dropped into a comment box from elsewhere or use copy and paste

A cross reference to another work paper or to referenced attachment may be added to a comment:


  • The work item will display a link to the target work paper, but no link is shown on that work paper – if required create a second reference back from that page: AA1.png
  • A work item is treated as complete once it has received at least one comment – it receives a green tick – all items on a page must show a tick before a page may be concluded



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